Joining the Collective you also become an ambassador of our favourite wellness company USANA Health Sciences. Yup that’s right – double whammy – a wicked two for one deal. You get the support and incredible inspiration, coaching and mentorship from our tribe, and the first class nutritionals and unlimited income potential from our friends at USANA. Now if that sounds good, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. By partnering with USANA as part of our plan, you also get the benefits of an incredible tax shelter, a chance to grow and explore in 19 countries, all while you are building a legacy for you future.

Starting a business can seem a bit scary, and of course incredibly exciting, the combination should feel rather liberating.

At Wild + Free we are here to hold your hand and help you every step of the way. We offer endless support, via social media, online webinars, and local events in many parts of the world. You will instantly become part of the happiest, healthiest, and ridiculously inspiring family on the planet, and you will never feel alone.

As a team our mission is to build our bank accounts while making a difference in the world by helping others become healthy and wealthy with us. By doing this and being committed to making a change, we build a residual income that allows us financial freedom.

Now we aren’t going to beat around the bush here, money certainly isn’t everything but financial freedom is about having more time. More time to spend with your family and friends, more time to spend taking care of yourself so YOU can be your best self to give back and inspire others to do the same. Financial freedom is a very important factor in living a Wild and Free life, and creating a life that revolves around contribution.     


  • Proven Business model for creating financial freedom. It’s the BEST in the industry.
  • A legacy business – what better feeling than working hard on something that will last forever.
  • The opportunity to personally grow and change your life – we are in the businesses of changing lives – are you ready?
  • A network of inspired and driven individuals of all walks of life who are scattered around the world – in other words a global family to travel with and explore.
  • A tax shelter.
  • The BEST nutritionals in the world – to keep you healthy so you can enjoy your freedom to its fullest potential and have endless energy to be Wild and Free. Check out some of USANA’s friends to assure you it’s the best – Dr. Oz, the WTA and over 800+ elite athletes.
  •  A network to help you build, grow, expand and collaborate your existing business (should you have one.) Let’s be honest, as an entrepreneur we all need a larger network (we can only grow so far on our own), more energy, a rock solid health program to keep you healthy from all the stress and excitement, and a kick ass support system to lift us up and inspire on the best of days.